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Michelin Secret Recipe Crispy Goose | Takeout Only


・Inclusive of: Michelin Secret Recipe Crispy Goose | Takeout Only
Crispy Goose (including Spring roll skin*20)
・Side Dishes(Choose 1 from the following): Stir-fried Bones / Soup

To cook a well-grilled goose, it starts with the food ingredients. Every Chaiyi Dalin white goose needs to be identical in body shape when imported. The screening process is just like a beauty pageant, the selected goose should be flawless without a bruise, damage, or a small crack. The marinates play an important part in giving each goose rich flavors. Licorice, star anise, and shannai are carefully mixed up, applied to the goose's abdomen. Then, the goose is sewed up to lock the gravy and seasonings in it. Through boiling and cold water dipping, the goose's skin becomes compact. Before being dried, the goose needs to be basted with malt vinegar water to create the uniform hue of the skin color and the crispy flavor of the skin. The fire is the key factor, testing chefs' attention and patience. An iron rule is needless, but an accumulated experiences matters. Moreover, sliced goose requires techniques such as cutting the goose abdomen, removing the fat, and slicing. From a small clue, one is able to see that is coming. The chef not only needs to race with the temperature but also pay attention to appearance and texture.

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  • About 3 Coins: Old restaurants are always delicious, after all, history has inherited craftsmanship in addition to accumulated time. It is for this reason that 3 Coins gained the Michelin 1 star. No more words are needed to show its delicacy!

  • Signature dishes: You need to book beforehand for the roast duck, but you would not regret that you spend the time to do so! Roasted as golden yellow, the duck skin is crispy and full of oil. When the master cut it off, you can also hear the sound of the duck oil! The duck is wrapped with lotus leaves, making the sauce and duck oil burst out at the same time! The light wheat aroma enhances the layering of the dish!

  • Store atmosphere: The elegant decoration is in Chinese style, with many antiques, calligraphy and paintings on display.

  • Special honor: It won Michelin 1 star in Taipei for three consecutive years in 2018 、2019 and 2020.


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